Smeaton's Tower Lighthouse in Plymouth

Plymouth is situated 190 miles west of London and has a population of around 250,000 people. Plymouth is home to the 9th largest University in the UK: The University of Plymouth which is a big employer within the city with over 30,000 students and 3,000 staff.

Plymouth has many jobs in the public sector including jobs in health, education and administration. The Plymouth Gin Distillery has been producing gin since 1793 and is one of many employers within the city.

Marine and maritime businesses thrive in Plymouth due to its port and links with the coast. There are over 250 businesses that operate within this sector generating many jobs in Plymouth. Devonport Dockyard is the only naval base in the UK to refit nuclear submarines and its docks played an important part in the Second World War. Plymouth also has an excellent reputation for diving and the University of Plymouth has its own marine institute.

A number organisations form part of the Plymouth marine sciences partnership. Plymouth is home to the Marine Biological Association of the UK, (MBA), which conducts research into marine sciences. Plymouth Marine Laboratory focuses on global issues such as climate change and reports closely to the government on issues which include marine conservation.

Plymouth's port runs ferries which operate to Spain and France, while the railway system provides good transport links with the rest of the UK.

Plymouth's Airport, Plymouth City Airport provided low cost internal flights as well as some flights to Europe, however it was announced that the Airport would be closing in December 2011. Employing 56 people, the airport has suffered significant losses in previous years, and the airport's usage was minimal compared with its high running costs.

A major regeneration project is taking place within Plymouth. The 'Vision for Plymouth' project will see the city building new shopping centres, accommodation and a cruise terminal. The project has backing from Plymouth city council and the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce and aims to increase the population size to over 300,000, as well as creating more job opportunities within the city.

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