Interview Coaching

Interviewers primarily select the candidate who portrays themselves as being the ideal candidate for the job. This does not mean that the best qualified or the most appropriate applicant will be offered the position. Are you confident that now you have secured the interview that you can make the right impression?

Executive interviews can vary enormously and are often broken down in to several stages. Do you have a clear understanding of what the process is and what the interviewer is expecting from you? Can you strike the balance between selling yourself and over selling yourself?

Interviews can be challenging for a number of reasons but like everything else you can get better with practice. In today's competitive job market it may be pertinent to hone your interview skills outside of the actual interview situation. High quality executive positions are hard to come by so you need to take advantage of each opportunity.

Good Interview practice is as much about you controlling the interview as the interviewer. Employ active listening to ensure that you understand fully what you are being asked. Prepare answers to those awkward questions so you can answer confidently and are not put on the spot. Be sensitive to the verbal and nonverbal communications of your interviewer. Do not assume that everyone understands you. No matter how clear you think you are.

Why not book a one to one session with one of our senior consultants to help you perfect your interview skills. A two hour session will full role play can ensure you have identified any problem areas in your responses, body language or personal presentation. You will have a full interview debrief and time to address the areas highlighted by our consultant.

Career Analysis is one of the market leaders in the Career Coaching and Career Management sector. We understand the complexities of the job market and can help you ensure you have the winning formula to secure your ideal position.

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