Writing a CV

The phrase 'curriculum vitae' translates to mean 'course of life'. However, the last thing the potential employer wishes to hear is your life story. Are you confident that your current CV is strong enough to secure you interviews?

The first question to ask yourself is how are you going to market yourself effectively? The job market is increasingly competitive, especially at an Executive level. Your CV is your chance to sell yourself, to illustrate your salient achievements and demonstrate what you can contribute to an organisation.

Many people find that writing a professional CV is one of the most difficult tasks they face during the course of their job search. Even those who excel at interviews find it an almost unfeasible task to limit their extensive career history to a two or three page document. With only a few seconds to make an impression it is pertinent to understand that your CV is about creating interest rather than portraying extensive detail.

Executive CVs have to work harder so should be focussed and you must know who your target audience is. This is one of the key factors when creating a winning CV.

A high percentage of Executives invest in having professional CVs tailor made for them. This is an effortless solution when you simply do not have the time to spend creating or improving your CV. Instead of surfing the net looking for CV help or CV tips let the professionals do this for you.

Career Analysis is one of the market leaders in the creation of Executive CVs. We understand that all of our clients have different aims and objectives so our consultants tailor make a CV solution that is right for you. Upload your CV here.

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