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Construction Jobs

Construction is a multi-billion pound industry within the UK and is consistently one of the leading employers in the country. It’s a tough job working in all weather conditions, long days and ‘rogue cowboys’ often in the press, but that said it can be very rewarding. It is not necessarily your normal 9 to 5 career and is open to anyone, including those looking to make a change.

Construction is one of those industries that never runs out of work, and skilled professionals are always in demand. Apprenticeships are a great way to learn whether you are thinking of carpentry, bricklaying, electrical work, plumbing or plastering. More information about government apprenticeships can be found here:

Top-end earners in the sector include engineers, skilled site workers, architects and site managers, but in general all workers can expect a good wage.

There can be great job satisfaction in construction work as results can be seen immediately along with it being an excellent way to meet new people and create friends.

Construction has been one of the few sectors that has seen availability outweigh demand through the whole of the Covid-19 pandemic. Not once through lockdown and tier restrictions did the amount of job adverts drop severely, in fact after the summer saw a surge in vacancies with skilled workers desperately needed.

Today we are listing 68,5000+ jobs within the construction sector from buyers to project managers, bricklayers to health and safety consultants. Check out the listings here