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Video Interviews

Among other things, 2020 has surely been the year for video interviews. With so many now being held online and remote jobs fast becoming the norm, now is always a good time to practice your video presentation skills.

  • Make sure you dress for the occasion, and not just the top half

  • Check your surroundings are nice and clear, tidy and presentable(no unsavoury artefacts lying about!)

  • Practice looking at the camera when you are talking

  • Make notes but keep them out of sight

  • Make sure you have no interruptions from roommates, kids or pets

  • Turn off the tv and radio

  • Charge up your computer

  • No slouching, body language is still important even on camera

  • Do your research 

  • Last but not least, don't forget to... smile


When (not if, think positive!!) you get the job, these points will be good to remember for Zoom or Team meetings too.

Good luck!

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