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Hotel Jobs

If you’re looking for a job near you, the hotel sector is a great industry to consider. 


With lots of vacancies all over the UK, there could be an opportunity waiting for you just around the corner.


Popular roles in this sector include managers, receptionists, cleaners, chefs, event coordinators and waiters.


This is a job for someone with strong customer service skills and a friendly, confident manner.


Qualifications will depend on which area you are interested in working for. For example, if you’re looking to work as a receptionist, experience rather than qualifications are key.  A position like a chef would ideally need some sort of formal training and qualifications under their belt.


Hours are normally in shifts, which often means working early in the morning and late at night. Night and weekend shifts are also part of working in the hotel sector.


And it appears to be a good time to be looking for a job in this sector.


When considering the last 6 months, the trend on our site shows the availability of hotel jobs to be higher than jobseeker demand. 


More than 26,000+ Hotel Jobs here