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UK Salary Map

Looking at more than 1.2 million jobs on, it appears salaries on offer has remained fairly stable over the last month.


Comparing Aug ‘19 to Sept ‘19, the East Midlands has increased the most, but only by £115  to £30,424. London and Yorkshire & Humber have also seen minor increases.


All other regions have seen a decrease in average advertised salaries, with Wales seeing the most dramatic decrease this month of over £1400.


Scotland which saw the largest increase in August, sees the second highest decrease in September, by £952, falling from £31,849 to £30,897.


Abi Bradshaw, marketing executive at said: “There have been changes in offered salaries around the country but not like we’ve seen in previous months.  The changes haven’t been as big and maybe this is a reflection of a sense of waiting to see what happens with Brexit”.