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Do I want to work for you?

When we go for an interview, it is often easy to overlook the fact that you also need to find out if you want this job.

If this is a first job, you are looking for a new company or currently out of work, it can be easy to be lured into taking the first job that is on offer for you.

But is this the right job for you?

Before your interview go online and find out about the company that is interviewing you.

Then you need to prepare for the interview by asking yourself what is important to you in a job?

You will need to “tick off” in your head or ask the interviewer:

    1. Can I see myself being happy working for the person interviewing me (if that is who you would be working for). This is really important because as much as you may want the job if the person you would be working for seems like a complete nightmare, it may be worth turning it down. We are at work for so much of our week.
    2. Did the office have the right appeal and feel for me? ( I once walked through a really grubby office, where everyone was really scruffy and I just felt like it was not the right place for me, like they just did not care about their jobs).
    3. Is there the right opportunities for growing in the way you want? Everyone does not want to be a managers some day. For some people knowing the company will invest in them in the job they are in is key. For instance if you were a web designer and you did not want to go into management as you were more of a “worker” you would want to ensure that the company is going to keep on top of regular training in new software etc so you did not fall behind the industry.
    4. Is the pay right? If this is a good opportunity but the pay is not what you were looking for.. is it a case of taking the opportunity and cutting down on other aspects of life or can you simply not survive on what is being offered?
    5. Can I Commute to work ok? (be realistic, if you don’t mind travelling on a train every day for an hour fine, but if you know it is going to drain you maybe this is not the right job for you).
    6. Is this the sector I want to work in? If you have trained for a job in marketing and all on offer is an advertising position is it worth holding out for a job more suited to what you have trained for?


If you can tick of most of these answers in your head or ask the interviewer in the interview then it is time to digest and consider if you get the call do you want this job?

Remember a CV full of different jobs spanning a few months each does not look good to each new prospective employer. You will look like you have no staying power at a company and a potential waste of time and money for investing in.

Life in the right job can make life so much easier. We all know how work can impact our home lives, as much as we may try not let it. When work is enjoyable it makes us feel good and more positive.

If you have the luxury to pick and choose which job you want to take, really take the time to think about it and don’t just accept the job because it has been offered. Remember as much as you are there to impress them in an interview they are also supposed to be selling you the position at their company (if they want you that is!).