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Exam Officer

Exam officiators roles are mostly in January, May and June. So if you are looking for a job for a few months a year that is in school hours, this could be the perfect role for you. But don’t be fooled. You may remember the examiners walking the room in silence as we scribbled desperately for hours on end. But the job is not about daydreaming your way through 2 hours.

The basics for the job are:

1. Putting up signs in the hall and vicinity.

2. Collecting exam papers.

3. Distributing them on the students desks.

4. Making sure there were mathematical or scientific equipment for each student.

5. Checking there were spare pencils, rulers, pens, rubbers etc if a student needed them.

6. We had large bottles of water and plastic cups to hand in case anyone needed a drink or had a coughing fit.

7. At the end of the exam you collect in the papers and they have to be sorted into order which is on a data sheet.

8. The papers are split into whichever level that student is

9. They are then bagged up, correct labels attached and made ready to be shipped off to the markers.

10. You also escort students to the toilet in exams and have to wait for them and escort them back.

There is no time for officiators to be reading books or aimlessly daydreaming. You are expected to walk up and down the isles and stand at the edges of the hall. You are there to ensure things run smoothly but also to ensure there is no cheating. You will need to be prepared for long. You will also need to be CRB checked before you are allowed to work in a school. There is also a short course you can take, generally lasting around half a day. If you are interested in this kind of position then speak to your local schools or council.