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The Database Race

You’ve created the perfect CV and you’re ready to go hunting.  


The hardest part is knowing where to start, who to contact, how to approach a potential employer etc.  We all know one size does not fit all.


Recruitment agency, direct to employers, Google?  What’s best?  Each person will have a different answer depending on individual circumstances.


However, one thing is for sure.  No matter how you go about your search, CV databases are vital.


They have grown in importance as it gives power to employers to match candidates to vacancies. The simple reason is they can cast their net much wider than relying on traditional methods. 


Employers can browse a wealth of candidates and find the perfect applicant for every job they need to fill at ease.  


By appearing in a CV database, YOU could be their next hire. 


Distributing your CV will mean you are putting yourself firmly in the marketplace for a job.  You wouldn’t buy a car you've never seen, and people can't offer you a job if they don't know you're looking! has developed FreeMyCV, a service that puts your CV in front of the major job websites and registers you with them hassle free.


So it’s important to spend the time putting the best CV together you can.  For tips on this check out our blog on CV writing here 


Once you’re happy, it just takes one quick sign up to FreeMyCV and you’ll be one step closer to your next employer in no time. 


By signing up to FreeMyCV you will receive all of the benefits of being a registered user on all of the sites we work with or the ones you chose without having to sign up to all of them individually.


And you've only had to fill in one form. That's pretty ace, right? You can search, apply, save jobs, and check out all of the facilities they have to offer job seekers without going through the time consuming process of registering for each individual site. 


Rest assured FreeMyCV is fully compliant and up to date with the latest GDPR rules.


So what are you waiting for!