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International Recruiters' Day - Really?

There doesn’t seem a day goes by without some weird or wonderful cause staking its claim for exposure.

From incredibly humbling charity work to the plain daft, (National Lost Sock Day on 9 May anyone?) organisations and movements can benefit massively by a major boost in profile with a bit of creative thinking.

It would be silly to say yesterday’s (5 April) International Recruiters’ Day has the same ring to it as some days or weeks trying to increase awareness in the fight against illness or poverty for example.

But for someone working in the UK recruitment industry for the last 12 years, it made me stop and reflect on what I’m doing. And surely that’s no bad thing?

Recruitment has a massive impact on our lives. Let’s face it, we share the same bit of carpet with our co-workers longer than we do our loved ones.  

Getting recruitment wrong can be devastating and have a hugely negative affect on our lives. Conversely, as the saying goes, “do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”.

I’d also argue we’ve all got an eye out on jobs even if we’re not actively looking. It’s human nature to have a peek, compare what others are getting, or dream of a complete gear change.  

So, recruitment is not only influencing our outlook in a big way, it’s also affecting in basic terms, a shed load of people.

And this is what gets me out of bed. Thinking as a jobseeker or the recruiting partners we work with. Everything we do at (ATTB) should deliver value and make a positive difference. 

With all the decisions we compute daily, who wants or has the time to scour the internet trawling pages of potential jobs, salary comparisons or availability?  

Our core offer, a job search engine which makes the difficult easy and the time consuming quick, solves this. I love the fact we’re offering nearly a million jobs daily across the UK, but going beyond that to help people with their next move drives us on. 

The importance of a new job inspires ATTB to develop helpful tools so people can find their dream role. Whether it’s a CV distribution service or our own job board, we help in an ever fast paced and complicated business.

So, yesterday, today and all days, it’s good to pause and think about the part AllTheTopBananas is playing in recruitment.