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New Service for US Jobseekers

Allthetopbananas has launched a new cell phone service for US jobseekers - Job Alerts by Text.

The 2-step process could not be simpler:

1. Search for jobs on using your choice of keywords and location.

2. Enter your name and cell number in the SMS alert sign up box and click submit.


Instead of checking emails or searching multiple job sites the job seeker receives a simple list of relevant jobs with links to read more if interested.

With a limit of 1 text per day, job seekers can join worry free, no ‘ping, ping, ping’ all day.

When the right opportunity comes, and the service is no longer required replying PAUSE to any message, or clicking the PAUSE button on the results page, will stop future texts.

This service could be a game changer for job seekers who want to hear of relevant opportunities in their location as soon as they come to the job market.

With users also able to check text messages on watches linked to their phones, it could not be easier to stay in the know. This helpful service will give those hunting for jobs more time to focus on other daily tasks… who does not want that?