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Jobs in Hospitality

The pandemic, lockdowns and restrictions dealt a devastating blow to the hospitality industry in 2020. However, there has been a shift as we slowly follow the government's roadmap out of lockdown. With a not to be sniffed at increase of 46% in job opportunities since the start of 2021 we are taking a look at hospitality and delving a little deeper into average salaries, the big earners, top locations and jobs available.


We see salaries for jobs advertised on in the hospitality sector averaging at £25k. Jobs starting around the £18k mark include kitchen porters, hotel maids and luggage assistants.

Pay can rise to £20k - £30k for waiters, waitresses, receptionists, hotel staff, bakers and pastry chefs.

Executive housekeepers, bar managers, baristas, chefs, croupiers, and event coordinators can earn anywhere up to £55-60k.

The big earners are food and beverage directors, club managers, fine dining chefs and hotel managers earning above and beyond £60k.


There is a wide range of opportunities in the hospitality sector, but job seekers should be aware that working in this industry is rarely 9-5 and most jobs will involve shifts, weekends, and late evenings.

Roles to be found include reception and greeting guests, bar work and waiting staff, kitchen and cooking, leisure and conference events, weddings and parties. With a complete lift of all restrictions still on the cards for 21 June we are already seeing more vacancies listed for summer staff:

Spotlight on: Sommeliers

Sommeliers are part of the hospitality sector and will undertake years of training to learn all about wine. They will often work in fine dining restaurants and can look to start on wages from £25-30k. As with most professions you can earn more with experience. The most knowledgeable top earners in this field will be able to reach in excess of £100k.


Jobs in hospitality can be found anywhere, but for the UK the top spot is unsurprisingly London. The downside with being in the capital however is the high cost of living which can offset an increased wage packet. City centres are great along with coastal areas where tourists will generate passing trade.


Demand is still high in hospitality making it tough for job seekers right now. We have seen an increase since the start of 2021 though with listings going up by 46% which is very encouraging.

If the easing of restrictions continues, and no further lockdowns are imposed, we predict the upward trend in hospitality jobs to continue through to the summer months.

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