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Latest UK Salary News

The end of the 1st quarter of 2021 revealed some interesting changes for the UK.

Comparing Mar ‘21 to Feb ‘21, shows Scotland to have increased the most, by £3,238, rising from £30,486 to an impressive £33,724.

Yorkshire & Humber, East Anglia and the West Midlands have also seen rises by a slightly more modest £1135, £264 and £134 respectively.

Going the other way, the North East, Wales and London all saw decreases in average advertised salaries, with the East Midlands seeing the most, a drop just shy of £1500.

Abi Bradshaw, Key Account Manager at said: “The latest salaries on offer suggest that as the UK economy opens back up opportunities within the slightly lower pay bracket are coming back to the job market. Although it may appear that salaries are dropping the fact that more jobs are available is a promising sign for all jobseekers.”

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Scotland - Increase of £3238

North West - Decrease of £623

West Midlands - Increase of £134

Wales - Decrease of £1232

South West - Decrease of £383

South East - Decrease of £152

London - Decrease of £682

East Anglia - Increase of £264

East Midlands - Decrease of £1496

Yorkshire & Humber - Increase of £1135

North East - Decrease of £1355