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Customer Jobs

As always, we have been watching the job market and analysing shifts in demand and availability. This month we put ‘Customer’ jobs in the spotlight and looked at how the industry is fairing.

Jobs in the Customer sector have risen consistently in the last 3 months, so if looking for work it is an area worth considering. It is also worth noting that demand for customer jobs has also increased but the availability of opportunities is showing no signs of slowing just yet so don’t be put off.

We may think immediately of front facing customer service and complaints roles but there is a wide variety of positions in the industry to delve into:

Customer Data Managers – Research and generate new customer leads.

Customer Experience/Website Optimisation – Create engaging online customer experiences and deliver customer retention programmes.

Customer Support – Take calls and respond to messages regarding orders/products/services.

Digital Customer Developer – Develop digital and/or online customer journeys.

Customer Analyst – Assist IT departments with administration and analysis of customer data.

Customer Service – Talk to customers directly, assess needs and issues and deliver the best service possible to help them achieve goals.

Trainer/Tutor/Assessor – Facilitate the efficient teaching and assessment of customer service standards.

There are even more job titles out there including customer managers, advisors, officers, administrators, directors and more, but all will require in general the same skills: patience, problem solving, empathy, good at relating to people, not taking things too personally, understanding other points of view, know how to prioritise and great at communicating. Be sure to include these in your CV along with any experience you may have.

To become successful in a customer job and provide high-quality service keep in mind the three “P’s”: professionalism, patience and a ‘people-first’ attitude. Probably a good phrase to remember for any interviews.

View all latest customer jobs here and remember to check back as job listings are updated every 24 hours, 7 days a week: