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UK Salary Map

The very start of 2021 brought promising salary news along with it. Our February data reveals a continuation of this slow but positive change for 6 regions, with the rest of the UK not too far behind.
February gave us a 2nd month of average advertised salary increases for the East Midlands and North West at £1,324 and £51 respectively.
The North East experienced a rise of £1,149 from £30,969 up to £32,118. However, even with this healthy increase it remains the region with the fourth lowest average advertised salary.
Going the other way, Scotland saw a substantial decrease of £1140 with Yorkshire & Humber not far behind with a drop of £987.

The two most stable regions appear to be the North West, rising by £51 and the South East, dropping by just £9.
London has bounced back with an increase of £807 taking its average advertised salary back over the £45k mark.

Salaries are clearly still shaken by the impact of Covid-19 and lockdown restrictions but the sharp salary rises, due to lack of opportunities with lower pay, appears to be stabilising.
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Scotland - Decrease of £1,140
North West - Increase of £51
West Midlands - Increase of £459
Wales - Decrease of £687
South West - Increase of £718
South East - Decrease of £9
London - Increase of £807
East Anglia - Decrease of £210
East Midlands - Increase of £1,324
Yorkshire & Humber - Decrease of £987
North East - Increase of £1,149