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Latest Salary News

As we near the end of the financial year, what’s the latest news on salaries?

We started 2020 with things looking fairly positive.  Average advertised salaries had increased from December '19  across most of the UK and Brexit had at least got beyond stalemate.

However, as get into March, a different picture is emerging.  Nearly all the regions around the UK did not continue the positive trend and were either down or barely up in February compared to January. 

There’s also been well documented job losses recently from some big employers, including from institutions like the BBC.  With fears the Corona virus will severely hamper free movement of goods grind the world economy to a halt, it’s looking a tough outlook and therefore maybe not surprising that advertised salaries have gone down.

Wales is one of the few areas which has bucked the trend and risen by more than £1,000 comparing February to January.  Where there have been increases they have been minimal.  The East Midlands dropping the most, by more than £600.

David Ogden, head of marketing at said: “For the first time in a long time, pretty much the whole of the UK has seen less when it comes to wages on offer.  How this plays out with the severity of COVID-19 and what impact that has on business and its ability to bounce back we will have to see”.

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Scotland - Increase of £98

North West – Decrease of £69

West Midlands – Decrease £366

Wales – Increase of 1,300

South West – Decrease of £201

South East - Increase of £12

London – Increase of £342

East Anglia – Decrease of £353

East Midlands – Decrease of £612

Yorkshire & Humber – Decrease of £129

North East – Increase of £159