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UK Salary Map

2020 arrived and bought some great salary news along with it! Our latest stats reveal some major, positive changes for most areas across the UK.

Comparing Jan ‘20 to Dec ‘19, shows East Anglia to have increased the most, by £3,213, rising from £29,995 to an impressive £33,208.

Scotland, East Midlands and Yorkshire & Humber have also seen rises by a slightly more modest £1300.

Going the other way, the North East and London both saw decreases in average advertised salaries, with the North East seeing the most, a drop of more than £3,000.

All other regions have seen an increase in salaries, ranging from just over £100 to nearly £1,000. 

Abi Bradshaw, marketing executive at said: “The latest salaries on offer reveal a very drastic start to the year. We’ve seen huge increases and decreases across the UK, but most importantly showing East Anglia to be a great place to be right now. We’re hoping to see if next month can bring increases to all areas across the map!”

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Scotland - Increase of £1399

North West - Increase of £997

West Midlands - Increase of £822

Wales - Increase of £421

South West - Increase of £628

South East - Increase of £161

London - Decrease of £486

East Anglia - Increase of £3213

East Midlands - Increase of £1299

Yorkshire & Humber - Increase of £1260

North East - Decrease of £3239