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Travel Jobs

While most of us are getting in the festive spirit ready for christmas at home, others are hoping to get away from it all. 

Avoiding the pressure of getting every last detail right for the big day, whether that’s the perfect dinner or the right presents for everyone, to over-eating then falling asleep in front of the TV, the appeal for exploring other traditions and getting away from it is strong!

And in 2018 more than 42% of Britons preferred to spend Christmas abroad, so could this year’s stats be higher?

This means one more important thing… Travel jobs are on offer, there’s lots of them and they’re not just for Christmas.

The travel industry offers lots of variety, not just in the type of work available but the locations as well. From travel sales consultants and business travel supervisors to personal travel experts and many more, there’s bound to be an opportunity in this sector for you!

And “after surveying 2,000 UK adults, The Independent found that while 47 percent would like to spend Christmas somewhere cold, 30 percent would prefer to head for the sun.”  

Popular destinations at this time of year include; Austria, New York, Sydney, California and France.

So, during the winter season, expect a wide range of holiday destinations, from people looking for some peace and quiet in the sun, to others seeking an all white christmas on the ski slopes, packed with action! 

Your work destinations will always change with a job in this sector! 

And there are a huge number of companies you could work for, including tour operators, travel agents and transport companies like National Rail, Stagecoach and Virgin.

The stats on our site show a very good time to be hunting for jobs in the travel sector as the jobseeker demand for travel jobs has decreased more than the availability.

We currently have 88,000+ travel jobs. Start your search today!