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Sales Jobs

If you’re looking for a job near you, a job in sales is a great sector to consider. 

It offers lots of opportunities in all sorts of companies, ranging from engineering, medical, electronics, pharmaceutical and clothing, etc.

Popular roles in this sector can be found as sales executives, consultants, administrators, representatives and managers.

This is a job for someone with strong people skills, confidence, competitiveness and an ability to listen well to clients’ and customers’ needs.

Qualifications will vary upon the industry you're in. Specialist knowledge may require a degree in the relevant field, but usually aptitude is valued above degree qualifications. 

Sales experience is an advantage but not essential as training is often given on the job.

Responsibilities include meeting your sales target for the year by keeping current customers satisfied to maintain existing accounts, at the same time as seeking new business opportunities. 

You may also be asked to attend conferences or training events to increase your product knowledge.

And it appears to be a good time to be looking for a job in this sector.

When compared to last month, the stats on our site have shown a rise in the availability of sales jobs and a decrease in jobseeker demand.

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