Blog post Storming The Market

Trust to buck the trend.

At a time when CV distribution services have fallen out of the market place, ATTB’s is going from strength to strength.

Launched 10 years ago, the site distributes a user’s CV to major UK job boards and relevant niche sites based on a job seeker’s preferences.

The site is currently averaging nearly 40,000 new registrations per month, across all industry sectors.  By January next year this figure looks set to rise to 70,000.

When GDPR came into force in May ’18, other similar services fell away, unable to make the necessary changes the new law required.

ATTB saw this as an opportunity to invest in FreeMyCV to build on its position of strength within the UK recruitment industry.

The result is a growing service which offers not only job boards and recruitment agencies fantastic access to quality candidates, but also now direct employers.

They can also increase their databases in specific industries at the most cost-effective way, compared to other paid for marketing channels.

And job sites can even re-engage with users and encourage re-visits through personalised content based on their search terms, delivered by email.

FreeMyCV candidate attraction manager James Abrams said: “We saw GDPR as an opportunity.  We were confident we already handled data in accordance with the new laws, which our solicitors confirmed, so we’re proud to offer this service.  The result is more and more clients from across recruitment are working with us.  This in turn has seen more job seekers using the service as they can trust it delivers and their data is handled correctly”.

Other awesome features of include:

·       No integration required from sites.  This is fully completed by FreeMyCV.

·       Access to active (no old data) and real time GDPR compliant job seekers, specific to industry sectors and locations.

·       The candidate is automatically signed up to your jobs by email by your T&Cs.

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