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UK Salary Map

Good news on the wages front as average advertised salaries appear to have increased across the whole of the UK.


Looking at more than 1.1 million jobs on between July ’19 and August ’19, it appears employers are offering more in all regions.


While London continues to offer the highest salary in the UK the increase there is less than most other regions in the UK.


Scotland which saw the largest decrease in July, sees the highest increase this month, by £1,388, rising from £30,461 to £31,849.


Wales and East Anglia have also seen increases of more than £1K. 


Abi Bradshaw, marketing executive at said: “With all the uncertainty continuing around Brexit and with last month’s salaries dropping, it’s great news to see things picking up and giving us some much needed good news! 


“Let’s hope for the same stats next month!”