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Passive job seekers

Whatever recruiting statistics you look at, passive job seekers consistently make up around 70% of the workforce. 
That’s a lot of people who do not consider themselves as actively looking for work yet take positive action when a new job opportunity comes up. From an organisation’s view point, they could be the next and best hire.
You could also argue the figure is higher given that everyone no matter how happy someone is in their job; they could always be persuaded to move elsewhere if the offer is right or change happens like restructure they don’t like.
So, while you maybe in a job you love and think the last thing you should do is look for something else, always be alive to offers.
It’s all about marketing. That covers a lot of disciplines and can be dialled up or down, but you can make hirers aware of your skills and attributes really easily without going all out to self yourself.
An up to date LinkedIn which makes the best of your work history is a good start. Allowing potential employers what you could bring is possible without your current company knowing. You can also write recommendations for other connections on this platform and therefore you’ll likely generate recommendations in return, therefor raising your profile in a subtle way. This may in turn lead to direct approaches as a result which is proof you’ve it right.
Generally speaking, your social media should be up to date and come across as how you want to be perceived. You certainly should want to build up your connections, as purely on a numbers basis you have more people to access.
Another way to test the water to see what’s out there is to attend networking events. You may legitimately go with the intention of expanding your contact list, but clearly the very nature of meeting people from different organisations could lead to opportunities which you weren’t aware of before.
Have you ever admired or desired to work with a particular company? You may not want to move right now but being aware of opportunities on websites from places you’d like to work just helps you keep on top of what is out there.
Likewise, using sites like it is really easy to search for jobs by sector or location to make sure you know about the latest opportunities.
And finally, it sounds obvious but if something did come up that really takes your fancy, that you weren’t expecting, are you ready?
Is your CV good to go, can you still fit in your interview clothes, are your interview techniques up to scratch??
Along with your CV, you need to make sure you are mentally prepared for new opportunities or changing circumstances which might come your way.  It's important you set some time aside to invest in yourself and do something you enjoy, away from work.
Good luck and happy (passive) job hunting!