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Weird Ways To Earn Extra Cash

With student debt on the rise, it’s not surprising that an increasing number are having to find paid work while studying.

Research from several studies over the years continues to show more than 70% of students have part-time and full-time jobs, while studying for their degrees.

Working part-time while you are a student is actually a great way to boost your CV, meet new people, learn new skills and, above all, get some extra money.

Think Outside The Box For Next Job

Entering the competitive world of job-hunting may not always be easy, but you could increase your chances of getting a job if you look where others simply don’t. 

While you may be looking for something to help you supplement your student loan to cover your fees and rent, you may be surprised just what jobs are available to students.  Best still, you can work around your studies and bring in some decent cash.

Earn Extra Cash With Clinical Trials

A job that you may not have considered is to take part in clinical trials. It can be a great way to make good money, but you will need to be prepared to undertake a strict audition process to ensure you are suitable.

Doctors will want to check that you are in good health and that there are no underlying issues that could cause concern.

If a stay in hospital, regular screenings or treatments don’t put you off, you could make around £1,000 for just one week's trial.

Make sure you are upfront about any medical issues you may have: no job is worth putting your health at risk for.

Pay Your Way By Life Modelling

If you are someone who would be confident enough to pose for a room full of strangers, then life modelling is a fun and interesting way to earn some extra money.

As long as you understand and are comfortable with the commissions you agree, then you could be pocketing some decent cash. You can earn around £30 an hour, and you don't even need to be a supermodel beauty: artists are interested in bodies of all shapes and sizes.

Cover Your Bills With Chocolate Tasting

It might sound like the stuff of dreams, but it is actually possible to be paid to eat chocolate.

Companies like Mondelez who own chocolate giant Cadbury, hire chocolate tasters for £9 per hour.

They look for people who are keen to try new and inventive products, and if you are fortunate enough to get the job, you will work alongside a team of panellists to share your opinions.

Who knows, your feedback could help to create a chocolate bar in the future that's enjoyed by millions.

The Bottom Line

It's almost inevitable these days that if you are a university student, you will need to find a part-time or temp job to help you bring in some extra funds.

But if you're struggling to find the right job that fits in with your studies, by looking for something a little more unusual, you may find job hunting a lot easier.

Good luck!