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Finance Jobs In London

The city of London is known worldwide for being a financial powerhouse. The city is also a great option if you’re looking for the buzz of vibrant, modern living.


This means when it comes to choosing a job in this sector, London could be the perfect place for you and your next career.


What are the hours? What skills do I need? Is it the right location for me?


Read on for our guide to working in finance in London.


Let’s start off by looking at the facts and the stats…


London is the capital city of England. 


And looking at the statistics on our site, there is an increase in the availability of vacancies when compared to last month.


This means it’s a very good time to be hunting for a job in this sector and city.


What has London got to offer?


As one of the world’s three largest financial centres, there are many leading financial institutions which have head offices based within London. The city offers a historical and cultural atmosphere and is also a key centre for fashion, theatre, music, shopping and employment.

The Tower of London, the London Eye, Big Ben and British Museum are just some of the very popular tourist attractions to visit within this city.

Is working in finance the right sector for me?

Roles and Responsibilities


There are many different job roles within finance, from entry level positions to graduate roles and those with years of experience.  Positions include accountants, admin managers, payroll and purchase ledger.


Responsibilities will include looking after a company or several companies' accounts; budgeting; forecasting for the year ahead, and payroll duties.


Skills/attributes needed


To work in a finance role you need to be organised, have good time management, enjoy working with numbers, feel confident with IT and enjoy being a part of a team.


Working hours


When working in finance you can expect to be based in an office, working normal office hours – typically 9am to 5.30pm. Occasionally there may be a requirement to travel around the UK and abroad, especially for those in an accountancy role.


Qualifications required


Experience of previously working in an office is beneficial, as is confidence with numbers. There are also several different finance qualifications that can be obtained, giving you a great boost when applying for a job in this sector.  

Here are a few qualification examples you may need for a job in finance:

-Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) 

-Financial Risk Manager (FRM) 

-Corporate Finance Qualification (CF)


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Finance opportunities in London…


Here’s a few jobs we’ve picked from our site:


-Finance Assistant


-Finance Administrator


-Finance Analyst


-Finance Officer


-Finance Coordinator


-Finance Manager


-Finance Director


-Finance Supervisor

How much can I earn?

As a general guide, you can earn anything from £20K to £70K in this sector, depending on the level of job role you are in. Clearly there are much bigger salaries on offer depending on the nature of the job.



With more than 16,000+ finance jobs in London on our site, check them out today.


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