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Leicestershire Jobs

We’ve collected all the data for Leicestershire, from it’s increase in average advertised salary to it’s great quality of life. But what else does this county have to offer?

Leicestershire is a county in the east midlands.  It is famous for many things, one being the iconic ‘Download’ festival which is a calling place for rock fans who travel in huge numbers to attend each year  in June. As well as being home to the second largest music festival in the UK, the area attracts many tourists throughout the year.

The three most famous contributions to the English cuisine from Leicestershire include: Stilton and Red Leicester cheese and of course, pork pies.

Sport also plays an important part of life in the area.  Leicester City FC is arguably the most notable when they defied the odds in 2016, being crowned Premier League champions in 2016. 

Opportunities in Leicestershire…

Here’s a few jobs in Leicestershire we’ve picked from our site:

-Warehouse Stock Operative

-Store Manager

-Electrical Maintenance Engineer

-Care Assistant

-Management Consultant

-Customer Care Advisor

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