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UK Salary News

Average advertised salaries appear to have gone down across the majority of the UK.

Looking at more than 1.5 million jobs on  between May ’19 and June ’19, it appears employers are offering less in most regions of the UK.

Salaries had been rising steadily across the board over the last few months but are now all down apart from London and Yorkshire & Humber which have shown slight rises.

Two areas showing the biggest falls are the North East and Scotland which are both £2k down in June compared to May.

Head of Marketing at ATTB David Ogden, said: “These figures mirror some of the comments made by the Bank of England in a recent Office for National Statistics (ONS) report which stated the outlook for the economy in terms of growth remains subdued.

“Time will tell, but at around £2K down for the majority of the UK it’s something to keep an eye on”.