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Video Interview Top Tips

A recent BBC news report said video interviews are on the rise.  With the ease today’s technology provides, it’s easy to see why this trend is rising. 

But how do make the most of the opportunity?  It’s nothing to be scared of and following a few basics tips, you can work it to maximise your potential.

Why video interviews?

From an employer’s point of view, managing interviews around the day to day schedule remotely is much less time consuming than having to physically have interviewees on site.  This is particularly appealing if it’s a first round of interviews, when just a general picture of the applicant is required.

From a candidate perspective it can also help make interviews more consistent and put people at ease, as surroundings maybe more familiar and relaxed than a formal setting.

Top Tips

Sounds so obvious but the first point is be clear on the format.  It’s most likely it will be live, but the interview could be pre-recorded.  While the latter might be a bit less human it will be a bigger shock if you’re not expecting it!  Find out before!

Secondly, make sure you approach a video interview just like you would if you were seeing someone face to face. 

Just because it’s a video doesn’t mean you should dress differently than if you were attending in person.  Understand the culture of where you’re applying and dress appropriately.  Not only will this help make the right impression, it will also show you’ve understood the business and are taking it seriously.

A bit like thinking about what you’ll wear, be sure to keep your body language in check.  It might be tempting to do things you wouldn’t if you were in a room with someone sitting across the desk from you, for example slouching into your seat.  Don’t be too self-conscious just be aware to keep positive body language at all times.  Don't be tempted to relax into bad habits like fidgeting.

Finally, before the interview and preferably in plenty of time, have a test run of the technical detail.  Going into the interview reassured the technology won't let you down, the connection won’t fail you and you know how to work everything will help you feel relaxed and ready to be your best.

Good luck!