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How To Be A Lorry Driver

Have you ever considered being a lorry driver?

With lots of opportunities available all over the UK, there's never been a better time to consider it as a first option or if you’re looking for a career change.

If you love driving, finding a job in this sector is closer than you think. 

As online shopping and e-commerce continue to grow, so does the need for cargo transportation.  Being a lorry driver is a career currently in high demand.

All you need is the ability to drive and the willingness to adapt to life on the road.

What is life as a lorry driver like?

There are thousands of roles for truck drivers in the UK alone, as longer work hours have taken their toll on an ageing population. 

As a result, more companies have begun to sponsor on-the-job training as they refresh and rebuild their pool of drivers. This job can be short-haul or long-haul, driving cargo, oil, or equipment across the UK.

It’s important to note, being a driver isn’t for everyone, as it requires long hours away from home, with rotating schedules that can make building a routine difficult.

The pay is steady, but drivers are often paid per mile, meaning that traffic congestion can lower the hourly pay rate significantly if you’re driving in a busy metro area. This hectic schedule for example, can make keeping on top of your health tricky so a down side is many truck drivers are overweight.

What you'll need to do 

Becoming a lorry driver requires training and acquiring your Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC). To get this, you'll need to already have a driving licence, and you'll need to pass four exams. Every five years, you'll take 35 hours in training to renew or keep your licence active. Some companies will require you to provide your own vehicle, and you might be expected to arrange your own cover

The training may not be cheap, and may require you to take time off of your current job, but the long-term payout can prove worthy of the training, especially if you can find employment with a company that doesn't require you to own (and put miles on) your own lorry.

Finding these jobs 

Finding these jobs can be as simple as checking out the vacancies on our site in the UK or US.

Or, you could try reaching out to major trucking companies for leads.

Becoming a lorry driver requires a special licence, but many companies will offer paid on-the-job training in return for your employment.

Regardless of the journey you take to become a driver, the job can prove enjoyable for people who like driving and want an on-the-road career.