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Stay Realistic

When searching for a job you will be presented with a lot of options, and not all will be viable. Still have your dream job in mind, but look at it as something to aspire to, as supposed to jumping in straight away and getting disheartened if the outcome isn’t positive.

When looking for jobs it’s easy to scroll through list after list, finding ample amazing opportunities. Unfortunately, if you’re just starting out and need an entry-level position, the amazing dream job and salary that comes along with it probably isn’t going to be an option just yet. If you’ve been working your way up in your field for some time, then this is something that could be a reality for you. However, this isn’t going to come without hard work and commitment.

Once you’ve found a job don’t make your decision based solely on the job title itself. I conducted a job search recently and one of the featured jobs was Head of Communications, located in Central London, with a salary of £75,000 per annum. I know this might sound like an extreme example for some, and you may think of course I won’t be able to land that job. However, it still sounds incredibly enticing but let’s be real that isn’t going to happen right now! You should break each job down and look at each aspect before rushing into it.

Now let’s look in the same field at what could be considered a more realistic option depending on where you are in your career. For example, the same search presented a Communications Executive, located in central London with a salary of £30,000 per annum. Personally, I would have to look at the location, do I live in London? The answer is no, therefore I would have to factor in my travel expenses and decide if this opportunity is feasible.

Next look at what experience is required. If your experience matches for the most part, but there were a couple of key elements that weren’t on the desirable list, this is where being realistic must come in to play. Make sure you take the time to read, taking in to account what the job would entail, as you may find this doesn’t quite suit what you’re looking for. If you’re just beginning to take the steps on your career path and the job requires 4 years plus experience, the chances are there are going to be candidates who have obtained this. Therefore, keep looking as there will also be jobs that match your own experience level.

Now the all-important salary! Depending on what your drives are, this could be where you lose sight of what is realistic. I think I can speak for everyone when I say salary is important, as this can ultimately dictate how you live. However, as I’ve stated before, if this is an entry-level position you won’t be earning the big bucks just yet, and that’s okay. Having said that this also applies to finding a job compatible with your experience, meeting all the requirements, but the salary is £10,000. This may also be unrealistic as it could mean taking a drop-in salary, and it may have too great of an impact to be sustainable.

Always keep in mind the long-term plan as you will need to work your way up, and ensure you keep in mind the overall trajectory of your career, and the aspirations you hold. There will jobs that are suited to your needs and experience so don’t give up and keep searching. Unfortunately, most of the time the perfect job doesn’t just appear, if only that could be invented!


Published by Pascale Lespeare