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UK Salary News

Average advertised salaries appear to have steadied this month, compared to activity over the last quarter.

Looking at the trend on our site, salaries across the UK were very similar to last month.

This is in contrast to the last few months when regions saw sharp changes. 

Wales, which had risen to more than £35,000 six months ago, has been reducing ever since, falling in March by more than £1,000 to £29,941.  It has levelled out remaining on the same figure in April.

Other regions which saw small month on month increases include East Anglia to £32,328 and the East Midlands to £30,251.

Head of Marketing at ATTB David Ogden, said: “This month’s figures reveal quite a different picture than in previous months.  The rise and fall of salaries which has been the pattern, has been replaced with much smaller rises or falls”.