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Ever Thought About A Career In Photography?

World-renowned French photographer Marc Riboudonce said, “Taking pictures is savouring life intensely, every hundredth of a second”.

So, choosing to study towards a photography qualification is a very good start.

Not only will it boost your creative, cultural, and social understanding, it also provides you with a host of technical skills, looked on very favourably by employers within various industries.

Although a formal photography qualification will provide you with all the necessary skills to set up your own photography business, there are a number of other career paths that you will be equipped for.

Magazine photo editor

One obvious route to take is working towards the position of magazine photo editor.

On a typical day, you will busy with the selection, placement, context, editing, and general use of photographs within a publication.

Depending on your experience and portfolio, you could find yourself working for anyone from small, regional publications to some of the UK’s biggest like Vogue, The Resident Magazine or sports titles like Golf Monthly.

Although the life as a photo editor for a magazine often results in working long hours, it is without a doubt a very fulfilling career choice, as it allows you to express yourself in a creative manner every day without fail!

Graphic designer

If you land a job as a graphic designer you can expect a great variety of work.  This could include websites, posters, corporate identities, product packaging, and advertising campaigns. Graphic designers also often find themselves designing recreational art.

For example, the skill of designers can take pictures from places like CanvasPop and transform them into amazing wall art.

Being in possession of a photography qualification can boost your career as a graphic designer significantly. Studying photography will not only help you develop a better eye for composition but will also improve your understanding of the impact of colour and light.

While you might need additional qualifications before getting hired as a graphic designer, completing your photography course is definitely a step in the right direction.  

Press photographer

The job as a press photographer typically involves setting up photographic equipment and taking photos to record news, lifestyle features, and current events.

During a normal workday, a press photographer will also process and develop films, prep proofs for publication, purposes and liaise with journalists with regards to editorial briefs.

Newspapers and magazines often rely almost solely on captivating images to sell their publications, which is why good press photographers are in high demand across the UK.

Your photography qualification, coupled with your excellent eye will allow you not only to ensure that your photos are astounding, but also that you are able to effectively take care of all the admin that comes with the job.

Photography is as much a passion as it is a career choice. Coupled with a formal qualification, your love for photography can result in a very successful and rewarding career.

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