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Job hotspots in the UK

It appears the North West and South East have seen the most job applications* in the last year.


The North West saw a total of 28.88% in applications closely followed behind by South East with a total of 25.25%.


And when it comes to wages, our statistics show an increase in both the North West and South East’s average advertised salary over the past 12 months.

The North West has seen an increase of 4%, from £30,138 to £31,192 and the South East of 4%, from £31,098 to £32,068.

Manchester and Brighton are just two cities in those regions, offering lots of opportunities.

Manchester is a city within the metropolitan borough of Greater Manchester. It’s diversely cosmopolitan environment makes it a great place to live and work, and it has a wealth of job opportunities in a variety of sectors.

It shares many comparisons to London, with excellent transportation systems, and job opportunities within similar popular industries such as media, finance and the service sectors.

With an increase of 5% in the average advertised salary of vacancies in Manchester, from £32,909 to £34,245, it is a great place to grab yourself a job right now.

The city of Manchester offers more than 41,000+ jobs on our site -

Brighton is a seaside town on the south coast which resides within the county of East Sussex and has a population of over 155,000 people.

It is just less than an hour away from London on the train, making it a popular seaside destination for those that live in the capital.

It has two universities, The University of Brighton and The University of Sussex, which is just four miles from Brighton's centre. Brighton's prominence as a seaside town has ensured that it has a thriving tourism industry, which accounts for much of the town's employment opportunities.

The city of Brighton offers a wide variety of opportunities with more than 8,000+ jobs on our site here -