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How To Be A Care Assistant

No formal qualifications are required to become a care assistant (CA). 

You should possess good literacy and numeracy skills though, due to the wide range of tasks associated with the role.

Life as a CA can be tough, both physically and mentally but incredibly rewarding. 

You need to have a desire to care for people and support those often in difficult circumstances.  Patience is key, especially if you’re helping people with physical or mental difficulties. 


The job should not be confused with health care assistants (HCAs). While the two are similar, the main difference is the locations each one works.

HCAs are more likely to work in clinical settings like hospitals, while CAs will be based in community places such as care homes.

What The Work Involves

Key duties will usually include:

  • Working with clients, their families and other professionals to identify particular needs, and develop a care plan
  • Providing personal care to people depending on these needs (assisting them with washing/feeding/dressing etc.)
  • Aiding someone with every day or physical tasks, such as shopping, cooking or studying
  • Providing emotional support to clients and their families
  • Keeping the client comfortable and at ease at all times


Working Conditions

A career as a CA can offer a lot of flexibility.  Whether you want shift work or other non-standard hours, the 24-hour nature of the job means there’s good scope for managing hours around you personal circumstances.

Also, without the need for formal qualifications, the sector offers people a good opportunity for a career change or younger people looking to enter the job market for the first time.


This will depend on various factors such as qualifications and experience.  However, Care Assistants can earn on average between £13,500 and £20,000.

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