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Please persevere!

If watching the Olympics over the past 2 weeks has taught me anything, it's that perseverance is a key aspect in achieving your career goals. For some Olympians competing in Rio 2016 they have previously missed out on their sought after gold by mere seconds. Despite this the hard work and training has continued, allowing them to come back and achieve what they set out to do, not letting the knock backs permanently keep them stagnated. 

The same philosophy also applies when job hunting and attending interviews. For most there will be guaranteed setbacks. You may often hear/read sentences that start with the words 'thank you, however on this occasion', which let’s be honest, almost guarantees that a positive outcome will not follow. I’ll admit, I have been guilty of not even continuing to read the rest. However, as difficult as it seems in that moment, the best way to allow yourself to keep going and focus on the next application is to look at the experience as a whole. If we continue to read the dreaded rejection letter there may be a paragraph that states the name of a contact in order to gain feedback regarding the decision. If this is the case, do not let the opportunity pass. Utilize the feedback given to you and take it on board for the next interview. At the risk of sounding cheesier than a nice matured cheddar, everything is an experience and the only way something is a wasted opportunity, is if you refuse to learn from it. Always view feedback as constructive, allow yourself to grow from your experiences and put this is into practice to push forward until you reach your goal.

For the most part you will be applying for a job online and there are lots of different sites to do this. There will usually be a way to state your preferences such as full or part time, a specific location or sector, ranging from I.T. to catering, nationally and even on some occasions internationally. There are multiple options and you may even find something that you hadn't necessarily thought of prior to your search. Due to a varied number of sites, you may also find some that are geared towards a certain sector. This could provide more specialized information pertaining to things such as particular networking events or specific interview prep.

Make sure you do your research. On the other hand, be careful not to fall into the trap of continually searching for amazing jobs, find that you have 30 tabs open on your computer, yet haven’t actually applied for anything! Commit to finding a small number of opportunities and apply for each individually before moving on to the next batch.

The key thing to remember, is that you are not the only person attempting to secure a job and not always succeeding. You may not currently have the career you would like, but if you continually work hard and persevere you can't deny there is a higher chance of success. Just watch the highlights of the Olympics if you don't believe me! So if you haven’t already, go back to the home page, upload your CV and persevere until you find the job for you.


Published by Pascale Lespeare