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Best foot forward...

Once we have been offered a job interview it is important to remember that how you dress is the next key part to getting that job.

For men it should generally be a smart suit, shirt and tie. Ere on the side of caution and save the “fun” tie for when you have the job. You want them to remember you, not “that guy with the funny tie”.

I would also go for a more plain coloured tie, such as dark blues, purples or reds. Bright garish colours should be saved for a later date.

Women’s dress can seem a little on the harder side, but generally a suit with a mid to knee length skirt, or trousers, a smart jacket and a plain top generally suffices.

Make sure the top is not too low cut and shoes should never be open toed for an interview. Glaring white bare legs are not a pretty sight for any occasion, so make sure you are either tanned up (minus streaks!) or some nice tights.

It is easy to go overboard on accessories, but in the words of coco channel “Once you’ve dressed, and before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off”. This is very sound advice, particularly if you like very chunky or bling jewellery. I promise, you, you don’t want to be referred to as “The Queen of Bling” when they discuss you afterwards.

Make up is also a minefield for a candidate. If you are usually on the heavy side of makeup, try and tone it down (unless your interview is for a beauty counter!) . The basics should usually entail, foundation, hint of blusher, eyeliner, mascara and a neutral lipgloss or lipstick. Bright eyeshadows, foundation and blusher to rival a drag queen should be saved for your personal time.



Have clean and ironed clothes.

Make sure all buttons are sewn back on and and tears etc mended.

Have smartly polished shoes with heals that are not worn down.

Have a clean face and teeth (includes no lipstick teeth!)

Have hair that is brushed and clean and styled.

Remember deodorant that morning!

Take a spare top/shirt. if your interview is in the afternoon and you are working that morning, take your “interview top” with you and change into it before you leave. This way you will look clean and fresh.

Update makeup if you have an interview later on. Check for black eye blobs in the corners of your eyes.

Try and organise the interview on a time that is right for you too. If you know you are on a deadline on a Wednesday but Fridays is like working at morgue, then try and get them to see you then. Better to come looking calm and relaxed than frazzled and stressed.

Get clothing that fits you. No point turning up in a size 12 suit when you are a 14 and being barely able to breathe the whole time. In contrast don’t wear an ill-fitting outfit that makes you look like you borrowed you relatives.



Still have chewing gum or mints in your mouth when you enter the building.

Have chipped nail varnish.

Drink a mountain of water before you arrive, making you need the toilet halfway through the interview.

Be drowning in aftershave or perfume.

Forget to turn off your phone. I suggest turning it off properly as most phones vibrate when on silent, and it is not likely you will answer your phone for anyone in an interview.

Smoke a cigarette before you go in. Chances are your interviewer will be a non smoker and you don’t want to smell like an ash tray to them.

Whether you have £20 to fit yourself for an interview or £2000, there are ways to make yourself presentable enough to get through the first impressions.

A friend of mine was working at a sandwich factory and could only just afford a suit from a charity shop. But she made sure it was clean, ironed and she was clean and polished and now, 16 years on, she a top manager at that company.