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Music In The Workplace

Can music improve your productivity at work?


 In the ATTB office, our mornings often begin with a chat to our electronic friend, Alexa!


“Alexa, play Kiss radio”

“Alexa, play some rock and roll”

“Alexa, play UK Top 40”


But what would the answer be if we asked:

“Alexa, can music improve my productivity at work?”


I decided to ask my colleagues what they think about music in the workplace…

And after much stealthy detective work around the AllTheTopBananas office I found some good results. Here's what they had to say about music's effect on productivity...

“Music in the office fills in the silences and helps me absorb my work better”


“It improves my productivity, but it needs to be a playlist that everyone will enjoy. I like indie music”


“When I’m working on an important task, I like to play drum and bass music, makes me feel like I’m on a mission”


“I like the way music makes the office feel more busy”


“It improves the productivity and lightens the life and mood of the office. I like to listen to 90’s old skool music and upbeat music on a friday afternoon to get me in the mood for the weekend.”


Many of us spend hours each day staring at a computer screen. Whether it’s job hunting, working on your CV, designing a website, writing a blog etc… music has become a mode of escape from outside distractions.

So when all your colleagues are chatting away, keyboards are tap, tap, tapping and phones are non-stop ringing, the office can become too much to handle. But, before you put your headphones on, your earphones in, or play music out loud in the workplace, make sure you have a handle on when your tunes will be most beneficial for you and your brain.

Here’s a few tips for when music is good and when it’s bad:

  • Music can help make repetitive tasks easier

  • In a noisy workplace, music can be an escape

  • Familiarity is best for focus

  • Music interferes with learning

  • Complicated lyrics can be very distracting

So, to answer the question... Yes, music can improve our productivity at work, but only if we have control over what we listen to and when. Some of you may enjoy Classical others may enjoy Hip Hop or Drum and Bass. The real task is to figure out what works best for you.

Happy Listening!