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Seasonal Work

With the clocks going back and the dark nights nearly upon us, it can only mean one thing. Seasonal work is on the way! 

Now is a great time to think about temporary jobs, particularly if you’re a student with thoughts on the horizon of returning home for holidays.

Seasonal jobs are perfect for those looking for a bit of extra cash and maximum flexibility.  By picking and choosing the jobs to suit you, you can stay in control of when and how long you work.

The good news 

There’s loads of variety out there with anything from pickers and packers, to delivering the post and parcels, or even appearing as Father Christmas at the local shopping centre!  

However, one popular choice is bar work.  There are lots of opportunities in many different places from hotels and restaurants, through to pubs and clubs.  Many of these jobs can be secured without the need for experience. 

The (not necessarily) bad news 

Be prepared to work unsociable hours, most likely evenings and weekends.  While this might be a turn off for some, it is only temporary and will give you good experience to put on your CV.

Where and when can I work?

Bars are almost everywhere in the UK and diverse locations such as airports, universities, health clubs, trains or even cruise ships.  The hours are wide-ranging too, with certain venues open throughout the night.  

What qualifications do I need?

Bar staff rarely require formal qualifications but for long-term career minded individuals, there are a variety of diplomas and awards available.

What attributes are needed?

You normally have to be over 18 to work in a bar but can sometimes start at 16 under an apprenticeship scheme.  Useful qualities to have as a bartender include an outgoing personality, good listener, numeracy skills, physical stamina and calmness under pressure.

Have a search on our site for all temporary jobs in your area.

Good luck!