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Mental Health At Work

Mental wellbeing is repeatedly reported as one of the health issues affecting more and more people in today’s society. 

According to the Mental Health Foundation, last year more than 74% of people at some point became so stressed they felt overwhelmed or unable cope.

Contributing factors can include a poor work life balance and feeling like you’re in the wrong place under a constant burden or struggle.

If changing jobs could be the answer, here's a few points to consider to make sure you make the move for the best. 

Why do you want to leave?

Personal issues: 

You might feel like you’re in the right career but in the wrong place.  This can leave you feeling dissatisfied and you need to understand why.  

Is it personal?  Are you not getting along with another colleague?  Are you being unfairly treated by your boss?  

Issues like these may be difficult to face up to but the good news is they may be more straight forward to sort out than what it first seems.  

Although it could be challenging or uncomfortable to have that difficult conversation, you will know where you stand and it could be the easiest way to resolve the issue to leave you happy with where you are. 

Job Role Dissatisfaction:

“It’s not you, it’s me”. Your boss loves you, you get on great with your colleagues, the company perks are fabulous, but there’s still something missing... 

If you’re happy with everything about your job, except the job itself, then maybe it’s time to consider other job roles. 

Take the time to research what it is you want to do and the steps you need to take.  It might be closer than you think, as some companies will be able to offer different opportunities in-house. 

Company Woes:

“It’s not me; it’s most definitely you!” You’re dreading the end of the weekend and everyday is a struggle.  Although you might love the job you do, some companies don’t prove the perfect fit for all employees.  If this is the case, search outside your business for similar roles but in a different company, a complete career overhaul might not be necessary, just a change of scenery!

You just want a change:

Sometimes you just need a change, a fresh start and a new career completely.  There are hundreds of reasons why this might be; you never intended to stay on permanently, you want to move to a new location, or you want to try out a different career are just a few.

Whatever the reason, you need to be happy in your employment – you spend enough time there! So go out and get what you want, but find something concrete before you hand in your notice.

Finally, make sure you have thought practically about your decision and weigh up your options.  If all the signs still point to a new career, then go for it! 

Don’t settle for a job you aren’t truly happy with. And of course, remember to upload your CV to FreeMyCV, your next job might be closer than you think...