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How to ace your first day at work

There are a number of tips which you can do to make your first day at work a success. 
  • Below we go through some simple ways from going to bed early to dressing appropriately which will make sure your first day goes perfectly! 

 1)       Dress for Success – The way we dress really influences how people respond to you. Make sure you dress appropriately, most jobs will have a dress code – If you are allowed to dress casually, don’t embarrass yourself by wearing a suit, alternatively if it is smart, perhaps trainers and shorts might not go down particularly well. If you were too nervous at the interview to ask what the dress code is, make sure you give them a quick email or call beforehand so you can be prepared.

 2)      Be Punctual – Ok so this may be an obvious one, but getting ready for your first day might just mean you end up faffing around for too long.  Get up bright and early, make sure you are aware of how long it will take you to get there. Get there a few minutes early to make a good impression. Of course it would be advisable to keep this up, there’s no point making a special effort on your first day and then strolling in at twenty past nine every other day!

 3)      Notes, notes, notes – You are most likely going to be bombarded with a lot of new information that people expect you to absorb instantly. cBut let’s face it, we’re human and sometimes we need a bit of help.  Make notes as you go and don’t be afraid to ask questions. There’s nothing worse than nodding along as if you understand and then asking people weeks later for help on something they think you should know.  People will be much more understanding if you ask for help on your first day. Just remember, they were once in your shoes.

 4)      And You Are? – Your new colleagues are lucky to only have one new name to learn, but you are surrounded with a sea of new faces and about as much chance of remembering them as memorising the periodic table in an hour.  So my advice, make a sneaky table chart- and jot people’s names down as and when you know them. People will appreciate the effort you’re going to!

 5)      Throw yourself into Office Life – If your work colleagues invite you for a coffee at lunch, don’t hide behind your computer and eat by yourself.  Make an effort to bond with your fellow colleagues and get to know them. You will have to work with them day in, day out, so take the opportunity to find out what they are like and what they do.

 6)      Be Friendly / Take Initiative – You don’t have to suck up to fit in.  You don’t need to put a shiny apple on the boss’s desk, but why not offer to make everyone a coffee?  Just a small gesture will show you are willing to fit in... something that everyone will appreciate. If the photocopier is out of paper or the water cooler needs changing, don’t just walk away, show that you are a team player in every respect.

 7)      Avoid Disputing Office Protocol – Whether you disagree with the office rule that you can’t take cigarette breaks, or you think something could be done more efficiently, you are not going to be popular being the one to say it.  ‘At my old work we...’ this phrase should be avoided at all costs. Just accept things are going to be different from your old job and find a way to accept the new ways of working.

Allthetopbananas wishes you luck!...