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Graduates - is the tide turning?

As graduation time kicks in, thoughts turn to first steps on the career ladder for thousands of young people across the UK.

And after years of squeeze and any concerns over Brexit, it appears the forecast for graduates is a positive one.

Despite continued headlines shouting about the cost of a degree and the subsequent years of debt, it appears the value of a degree is on the up.

According to not-for-profit organisation, the Institute of Student Employers, the graduate job market is expected to strengthen this year with an 11 per cent rise in vacancies.

This rise is a return to figures last seen in 2015, when graduate vacancies grew by 13 per cent.

So what does the future hold for our next batch of graduates in the working world?  Is confidence returning that a university education is worth the time and money?

The job market remains a very competitive place, particularly for graduate jobs, but there are clear signs of growing opportunities particularly in certain sectors.

On there are currently more than 47,000 graduate jobs on offer across the board.  

For example, leading supermarket chains are advertising graduate managerial programmes right through to companies looking for research consultants and teachers. 

There has also been a reported a rise in opportunities within the public sector, IT and utility firms.  A campaign to find more teachers has been running for some time and areas like nursing are always actively recruiting. 

So what should you do?

‘The early bird catches the worm’— No matter how clichéd the phrase, it’s true!  Get applying now; don’t wait until you graduate to line up your career. 

It might be the last thing you want to think about while you’re either snowed under with dissertations and revision, or even if you’ve finished and are enjoying time off, but applying for jobs straight away will pay off.  

Review your CV and interview technique.  Your university will have a great careers service; they will be able to give you advice, look at your CV and even give you a mock interview to see how you fare.  For more help on your CV check out our blog here: 

And after all that study, you might decide the time is right for, yep, even more study!  If you’re dedicated and passionate to a particular career, why not harness your skills even further by taking up a masters, teaching qualification, or a vocational course etc.

Whatever you decide, the value of a degree seems to be increasing.  They key is to take early action when it comes to your job hunting.

Good luck!