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Top tips for your interview

If you’ve got an job interview then you’re on the right track.  They’re interested in you, you just need to clinch the deal!

You’re human, you will get nervous, it’s completely natural and if anything, shows that you care.

However, there is a fine line between nerves giving you focus and stopping you from performing to the best of your ability.

The following steps hopefully can act as a useful guide to take you through the preparation needed for a successful interview.

The key element in combating nerves is being ready.  Here’s a few ways to make sure you’ll be at the top of your game:

* Firstly try not to drink your weight in caffeine before heading to an interview. If you’re prone to the nervous shakes you don’t want to enhance them and go into overdrive.

* Explore the business before hand. This will show that you have researched and really are interested in pursuing the opportunity in the company. Read this article on 7 things you should research before any job interview -

* Practise with someone, whether it’s a family member or partner, go through a few questions and prepare your answer. Do not over rehearse, just have rough ideas.

* It is almost a certainty that before an interview is complete you will be asked if you have any questions, so be sure to have a few in your mind ready.

* The night before your interview, make sure you have all the paperwork that will be needed, such as your passport, cv, notepad etc. This will save adding to the extra stress in the morning, rushing around trying to find it all.

* Have your clothes ready to go the night before, maybe even two nights before. There is nothing worse than getting ready for an interview in a rush and realising that your shirt is creased or has a stain near the collar. You want as much confidence as possible if you feel good this will show.

* Make sure to relax the night before, in order to get enough rest, so you can function at full capacity. You may be able to rally to a point, but if you’re tired and lethargic it will only hinder you. Therefore attempt to be well rested, you will definitely feel the benefit.

* Think of the interview as a conversation as opposed to an interrogation. This is an opportunity for the interviewer to get to know you and vice versa, so try to relax and converse with them so your positive attributes take centre stage instead of your nerves.

If, after all the planning and giving it your best, you weren’t successful this time around, make sure you take the positives.

Call the person who interviewed you and ask for some feedback so you can improve, ready for the next opportunity which comes your way.

Just remember you’ve gained valuable experience and confidence from this.

Stay calm, take deep breaths and go get yourself a new job!