MoreJobsIn is a network of super slick job search engines powered by Allthetopbananas. It was created to zone in on jobs for specific sectors or locations. No more searching thousands of jobs with no relevance, it's straight to what counts.


Let’s jump in.. = jobs in accounts = jobs in sales = jobs in Manchester = jobs in Bristol get the picture.


These focused websites give the user a no-nonsense experience. It’s kind of obvious how it works, but here goes…


1. Visit one of the dedicated MoreJobsIn website

2. Immediately view latest jobs

3. Enter keyword(s) for filtered result

4. Click 'Apply' on jobs of interest


The homepage always displays the 10 latest jobs keeping it fresh for return users. Squirrel down further by using additional keywords and land on a ‘jam-packed-with-jobs’ results page. From here continue refining or jump straight to the employer's site and apply.

Careful optimisation for every screen size provides lean, mean pages that download quickly to your device, right down to users on watches.

Best practices, accessibility, SEO and performance should be a given on any site. MoreJobsIn has taken every care to adhere to these checkpoints and special attention has been taken in order to make the site accessible to all. This includes support for multiple screen readers and users with visual impairments.

Another great feature being added to MoreJobsIn is the ability to register with JustJobAlerts. This service is for jobseekers who want to stay in the know and receive job alerts by email. This useful tool gives the opportunity to sign up with multiple job boards and agencies in a single registration, perfect if tight on time.

There is currently a network of 96 MoreJobsIn sites for the UK job market, 60 in the USA with plans to continue growing internationally.

MoreJobsIn may have global reach and connections, but it’s focus is always to be targeted and local.

View a selection of the MoreJobsIn network below…

UK Sectors:

UK Locations:


US Sectors:


US Locations:


Visit any of the sites and you will find links to the complete network of pages.


If you are a jobseeker and need extra help feel free to get in touch, we are happy to help.


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