Data* for June has given a mixed bag of regional UK salaries suggesting the delay of opening the economy fully may have hampered opportunities in some areas.

If we look at specific regions, the North East increased the most with a rise of £1961. This takes the average salary to £30,819. London is close behind with an increase of £1869 taking the average for June to £43,583.

The South East dropped again by £209 giving an average salary of £32,075. Even with the decrease the region remains relatively stable and continues to sit at a pre-pandemic salary level.

Wales and Scotland experienced the most significant drops by £1860 and £1497, respectively. This takes the salary for Wales to £29,554 whilst Scotland sits at £30,776.

Of note is the minimal increase in the average advertised UK salary from the start of 1QT 2021 to the end of 2QT 2021 of just £5.

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Scotland - Decrease of £1497

North West - Increase of £197

West Midlands - Increase of £291

Wales - Decrease of £1860

South West - Decrease of £1052

South East - Decrease of £209

London - Increase of £1869

East Anglia - Increase of £778

East Midlands - Increase of £296

Yorkshire & Humber - Increase of £247

North East - Increase of £1961


* All data taken from