So, you need work, you land on a job site, you type in your keywords and hey presto! you see a list of opportunities. Thousands of these job searches are made every day …but what keywords are used, and should you follow a set of rules?

Warehouse’, ‘retail’ and ‘driver’ have been trending in the top five keywords for the last 9 months, and availability is good in these areas, but what if you want something a bit different?

Do not be afraid to go for it, you are not alone, and where is the harm in a bit of window shopping for jobs?

Every week we see hundreds of 'quirky' requests that are diverse and unique in their own way, and although we cannot guarantee listing a six-figure salary for Cake Tester we do try and give as much choice as possible. In a nutshell, no matter what you are looking for, we have you covered.

Below is a small selection of the more diverse search keywords used on Allthetopbananas:

Tattoo artist

Park Keeper

Pizza Maker

Packing envelopes at home

Foxs biscuits



Cat Sitter

Relationship Executive

Mortuary Assistant

Jewellery making

Game testers


Airport firefighter

Railway Signalling

Equine Apprenticeship

Toy designer

Prestige car delivery


Theatre costume


Bicycle mechanic

Eco friendly

Cake tester

…which leaves the question ‘what keywords would you use?’


Start your job search today.