5 New Year Job Seeking Resolutions


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Happy New Year to you all! Now it’s back to reality and time to get you a new job. 

January is the busiest time of the year when it comes to recruitment, so make sure you read our top tips below to get the job you want in 2020………...

Be Proactive

With Christmas a distant memory, the cold weather kicking in, things can start to feel a bit bleak.  Beat the January blues by setting a few goals for the year, stay positive and get organised. Finding a job should be a priority, so make sure you’re putting aside some time each day for your job hunting. Whether it’s on the train, watching TV or relaxing in bed, find some spare time in the day to stay proactive. 2020 is the year you find your perfect job!

Rebuild your CV

It’s time to up your game. If you want to get passed the application stage, you’re going to need an up to date CV. Be sure that all the information is still relevant, your contact details are correct and your personal statement doesn't need a re-word. Maybe there’s something in there that doesn’t need to be and if you’ve noticed it, so will the recruiters, so don’t hesitate to just delete. CVs should be professional, focused and clear. Ask someone to help you; sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can give you some objective opinions which may move your CV from pile 'C' to pile 'A'.

Go Mobile

What better way to search for a job than on the device you carry around with you all day, everyday. Your phone is the key to a quicker job search, so download our app today on an apple or android device.

Our app features include:

- 1 Million UK jobs from all over the web

- Town or Postcode search

- Sector search

- Notification alerts for new matches to your searches

- Shortlist of your favourite jobs

- Job seeking help & advice

- Up to date access to our social media channels

Find a New Path

With it being the new year, maybe it’s time to review your career choices. When searching for the right job, focus on finding one that’ll fit within your personal life, but also make you happy. Waking up in the morning and feeling excited about going to work can change your life for the better. Is the job everything you wanted? Does it have a good salary? Is it in the right location? Is there opportunity for advancement? But most importantly does the job role interest you? Even if just some of the boxes are ticked, it could be the best, new career for you.

Network through Social Media

2020 is certainly the year to get social; it may just help you find your next job. Employers are effectively looking to recruit candidates using social media. Sites such as LinkedIn provide an excellent way to network with potential employers and to create a professional profile that can be used to help you in your job hunt. 

The stats show:

14.4 Million Job seekers have used social networks to find a job.

73 % of companies successfully hired a candidate with social media

42 % say candidate quality has improved and 31 % saw an increase in employee referrals.

93 % of companies use LinkedIn for recruiting, 66 % use Facebook, and 54 % use Twitter.


So make sure you're making the most out of your social media. Recruiters are using this more as a filter to get a real perspective of your background and personality. Think about the type of image you want to portray of yourself, this includes the sort of photos you post, comments you make and opinions you have.  If you’d prefer to keep your socials away from recruiters, you can change your settings to private. 


2020 is the year you find the perfect job! With more than 1 million opportunities on our site, start the new year on a positive note and begin ticking off your resolutions today!