UK Job Data Report: Issue 7

05/07/2021 07:12:09

2QT 2021 UK Job Data Report is now ready. Includes salary, job availability v demand and regional data.

June 2021 UK Salary News

01/07/2021 15:00:58

An increase in advertised salaries for 77% of the UK from May to June 2021.

Furniture Jobs

22/06/2021 07:45:54

Obsessed With Furniture? Here Are 4 Jobs You Could Do

MoreJobsIn… Launches in UK and US

15/06/2021 13:04:06

A new network of job websites has been launched. These sector and location dedicated job pages make the search for opportunities even easier for jobseekers.

Job Search Keywords

08/06/2021 13:59:22

From pizza maker to cat sitter, tattoo artist to park keeper...what are you looking for on your job search?

UK Salary Map - May 2021

03/06/2021 09:39:48

A decrease in advertised salaries for 67% of the UK…but could this be a good sign for the UK job market as a whole?

How to Upskill Yourself In Between Jobs

24/05/2021 08:57:09

Advice, thoughts and tips on how to stay current when you are between jobs.

New Service for US Jobseekers

12/05/2021 13:33:01

Allthetopbananas has launched a new cell phone service for US jobseekers - Job Alerts by Text.

Travel Industry Insights

10/05/2021 13:13:53

Availability of jobs in travel remains low but we get the intel on working for worldwide tour experts Jules Verne.

April 2021 UK Salary News

10/05/2021 09:52:07

Majority of UK regions take a decrease in advertised salaries as we head into the 2QT 2021.

Job Search & Interview Advice

27/04/2021 09:58:06

The Benefits You Should Really Ask For During Interviews.

Jobs in Hospitality

26/04/2021 11:05:48

Opportunities in the hospitality sector start to see a return.

UK Job Data Report: Issue 6

16/04/2021 16:18:34

The first UK Job Data Report for 2021 is ready to read. Includes salary, job and regional data.

Latest UK Salary News

16/04/2021 08:55:32

March 2021 salary data is in.

Customer Jobs

22/03/2021 10:49:46

We put a spotlight on the increasing availability of 'customer' jobs, and the opportunities available.

UK Salary Map

01/03/2021 12:35:43

February 2021 salaries reviewed. Nominated as Leading Mobile Company

15/02/2021 16:03:19 has been selected as one of the leading mobile companies in the UK by Welp Magazine.

UK Job Data Reports 2019-2020

28/01/2021 16:45:36

Pleased to publish our first 'shelf' of UK Job Reports. Statistics cover data from 1st Oct 2019 to the 31st Dec 2020.

Top 10 Sectors Hiring Through The Pandemic

28/01/2021 15:12:18

Need a job? Want to know which industries are hiring? We look at 10 sectors that have seen growth through the pandemic providing increased job opportunities.

UK Job Data Report: Issue 5

18/01/2021 12:27:14

The latest UK Job Data Report from is now ready to read. Including salary, job and availability data.