Building Partnerships | Our Strength Together

Our aim is to provide job seekers with the most relevant vacancies in one search.

Established Market Leader

Lift Off was launched in 2005 and has grown to become one of the largest job aggregation sites.

Job Seekers

1.5 million visitors per month. 3.5 million job seeker re-directs per month to our job board customers.


Circa 70% of all uploaded UK jobs are accessed through our sites.


Job Board Network. Long standing relationships with multiple partners.

Fast Accurate Hires

We are known in the industry for providing the lowest cost per applications.

We focus on job relevancy and ensure the returned results are matched to the user’s search criteria.

Our traffic is known for its high application and registration conversion rates.

How We Do It

We charge on a unique click basis. If the same job seeker clicks on the same job on the same day, you are only charged once.

We use a highly effective combination of email marketing, direct traffic and multi-platform marketing re-engagement technology.

Recruiters can intelligently source new talent that will match perfectly with their vacancy. Social media is integrated seamlessly providing a cohesive set of products and services.

360 Approach

Development of our search product continually evolves and continues to help transform the world of recruitment today.

Not only is the main website device responsive but an app is also available to download, allowing on the go job searches and email alerts based on user preferences.


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