If you have your own website/blog...

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iGoogle Support...

You can also add a Banana Gadget to your iGoogle homepage (aka Google Personalised Home). To do this, simply click the following button:

Add to Google
(You can then personalise your Gadget by clicking 'Edit Settings' from the menu of your newly added iGoogle Gadget.)

Example Gadget

(Sales Jobs within 10 miles of Peterborough)

What's a Gadget?

Do you have your own Website or Blog? Then you can add a handy Banana Gadget to your pages, enabling you to view jobs that you (or your users) might be interested in.

How does it work?

By selecting some job search parameters (or none), we will provide you with an HTML tag which you can simply place within your own website page or profile page. We will then display a ramdom selection of relevant jobs for you. The jobs will be refreshed automatically from our servers to ensure the latest and most relevant results are always returned.

What will it look like?

Please see the preview to the left. You can also preview your own Gadgets before saving them to see what sort of job results will be put on your page. To get started, click the "Create Gadget" button!