Banana Gadgets


How does it work?

By selecting some job search parameters (or none), we will provide you with an HTML tag which you can simply place within your own website page or profile page. We will then display a ramdom selection of relevant jobs for you. The jobs will be refreshed automatically from our servers to ensure the latest and most relevant results are always returned.

What will it look like?

You can preview your own Gadgets before saving them to see what sort of job results will be put on your page. To do this, click the "Preview My Gadget" Button to the left.

How do I save my Gadget?

Please ensure you are logged in before saving your gadget. Once you are logged in and happy with your Gadget, you can click the "Create My Gadget" button to save it and retrieve the tag needed.

I want more Gadgets!

You can create as many gadgets, for as many different web pages, as you please! After creating Gadget(s), you can view them all on the Gadget Homepage (provided you are logged in). As well as seeing all your Gadgets, you can retrieve the tags for them if you need to.

Create Your Own Gadget

e.g. sales, IT, finance

e.g. Peterborough,  Birmingham



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